Aisha Sharma
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Fire Mage > Fire Sage > Archsage

Signature Weapon

Meteor and Arcfire


Beautiful, is what Aisha is. She wears rich clothing brands, and nothing else. Even her diapers had been made by famous designers. She usually wears a dress, with her gold bracelets on her left hand. The female loves to wear high heels. Her hair is almost always fixed and never messed. People say that no one except Aisha will be the first to get the latest clothing. Her body is slim and has curves in the right places having boys go crazy.


Beautiful, high-spirited, intelligent, and a spoiled woman. Aisha is mature, though she gets into everyone’s business. Along with getting into everyone’s business; she plays matchmaker. Aisha is blind to the dangers of meddling in other’s lives. She plans to never get married despite her “fan club” of boys. Though, Aisha can be very selfish and arrogant; once you get to know her she’ll be your best friend forever whom you can trust with your whole life.


Aisha lives with her rich, widower father, whom she has tried several times to hook him up with others. Ever since her mother’s death, she became the woman of the house. When upset, Aisha usually remembers her mother with the necklace on her.


Aisha’s stats are not as beautiful as her looks, since she isn’t very strong. Though, she is great at weaking someone down. In battle, it’ll always be best if she traveled with a group since she doesn’t do much to an enemy. It may look hard to actually hurt Aisha…but that’s not true. Not only is it easy to offend Aisha, in battle she can get hurt very easily and go in a critical condition. When she first starts off, she’ll seem pointless…though when she starts to level up, you’ll be regretting attacking her since her speed and skill get a major growth on the way to become an Arch sage. Her magic seems to increase as well, but not as much as her skill and speed. Almost every battle she is in, she’ll always attack twice. Her luck is also terrific.

RP HistoryEdit


Tak Aeraphym (c) Zilver_Hawk

Enjyu (c) Amanda2324

Tony Vegas (c) Windwarrior234


OC belongs to: Heartofpinksol - Moderator of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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