Apollo (c) KnightGod

Nite (c) DruidOfDarkness


Support Level CEdit

Nite: ....
Apollo: ....
Nite: You called me?
Apollo: *glares at her*
Nite: Aren't you Fargus, the great Beserker?
Apollo: ...Get away from me, filthy human
Nite:'re not human!
Apollo: Thank god
Nite: Excuse me?
Apollo: ...
Nite: Are you going to talk to me?
Apollo: *leaves*

End Support C

Support Level BEdit

Apollo: ….*washing his shirt*
Apollo: *pauses and puts on his shirt*
Nite: That's disgusting! What are you?!
Apollo: *looks at her and glares*
Nite: Why do you keep on giving me that look?
Apollo: What do you want?
Nite: I was just looking for you. I wanted to talk to you
Apollo: About?
Nite: What are you?
Apollo: What do you think?
Nite:..A god?
Apollo: …Stupid.
Nite: Excuse me?
Apollo: ..
Nite: Are you okay?
Apollo: Leave me..alone.
Nite: Are you okay?
Apollo: Why?
Nite: I'm concerned, obviously.
Apollo: You don't know me.
Nite: You don't know me either.
Apollo: So?
Nite: You look troubled. I just was wondering if you wanted help.
Apollo: *leaves*
Nite: .....?

End of Support B

Support Level AEdit

Nite: Is that you?
Apollo: Yes
Nite: Thank you for coming here, on my request.
Apollo: What do you want
Nite: I heard about you. Apollo right?
Apollo: …
Nite: ...Is it true, someone did stuff to you?
Apollo: ….
Nite: I just wanted to let you know, not all humans are bad
Apollo: Any human would say that
Nite: Look into my eyes. Do you really think I'm lying?
Apollo: *looks at her* ...I don't know
Nite: Well, I just want you to know, not all humans are bad. I hope you'll trust me
Apollo: ….

End Support A

Apollo, the Abused and Nite, the Pirate

Although they both never met again, Nite's influence on Apollo allowed him to slowly open up and accept others

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