Class Tree:

Shaman- Druid- Dark Druid


Balberith, Verrine




Archimedes has short, grey hair and brown eyes. He has a well trimmed beard and wears glasses. He wears long, flowing black robes and carries a small bag for his tomes.


Archimedes is very serious. He has a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom that he tries to exploit in battle and everyday life. He is very careful in his approach to people. He remains loyal to his freinds and always follows his beliefs.


Archimedes was taken in by a group of Shamans when he was very young. He was taught the arts of elder magic and excelled at all he put his mind to. He spent his young life in hard study under the training of a dark druid named Thales. Close to his sixteenth birthday he was preparing for his ceremony among the shamans. In order to be recognized as one of them he had to complete a special mission. His mission was to assist in the destruction of a village. He questioned his master when he was given this task. His master threatened to kill him along with the village. To his shame, Archimedes, did as his master commanded. For many years, Archimedes stayed among the shamans, committing evil deed after evil deed.

One day, he and the shamans attacked a convoy, hoping to gain a special item. The Lunar armor. Some nobles of Lycia were transporting it to a secure location. They attacked and killed almost everone in the convoy and claimed their prize. A young child had been brought to him from the reckage in the convoy. It was the son of the nobles. Thales told him that the boy was now his student and that he would instruct him in the way he felt best. For fourteen years Archimedes trained the boy named Lucian in the ways of elder magic, teaching him everything he knew and then some. He hired an instructor to teach him the boy the art of the sword to add to his knowledge. Lucian had become the son he never had. Soon the time for Lucian's initiation had come. Lucian was given the same mission, however through the years Lucian showed himslef to be a person of character. Archimedes was worried about Lucian so he kept an eye on him for the mission. Lucian had been given the same choice. Kill or be killed. Lucian refused and was attcked. Archimedes came to his aid and then revealed his origins to him. He now travels with Lucian across the continent.

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