Astrid Johansson
Astrid Johansson









Class Tree:

Myrmidon > Swordsmaster > Trueblade

Relationship Status:



Self-proclaimed scholar


Hair: She has long brown hair that falls down her back. She always has it in a ponytail and when it’s humid outside…it frizzes BAD.

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Tan (Half-African)

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 150 lbs

Clothing: Despite her upbeat go-at-it attitude, her favorite color is black and most of everything she wears is black. She prefers to wear pointed toe shoes, black poufy pants, and a simple black tank top over which she will wear a long black swordsman robe to complete her ensemble. Despite all this, she never seems to get hot.



Best friend: Zilver- Astrid’s convinced that the two share a brain which is…a bit creepy if you put thought into it. They met when Zilver’s family spent a few weeks in Kilvas. The two have been inseparable since. Don’t be fooled by the names they call each other!


If it’s in a book, she’s probably read it. While Astrid is incredibly book smart, knowing everything from history, to music history, to fine literature, she is a bit sheltered. She has incredibly poor social skills, often offending or boring people without meaning to. When traveling, she’s always careful to ask the locals about their customs first. Unfortunately, she always seems to ask the wrong people…For example, homeless men. In other words, she’s almost always hopelessly lost when traveling. When she focuses on a task, she’s unstoppable though. Otherwise, she can be a bit lazy if not motivated properly. She’s always excited to learn something new and willing to do whatever is needed. She doesn’t see herself as the prettiest person in the world, but doesn’t seem to let it bother her at all.


-Fluent in both the modern and ancient tongue




-Book Smart


-A bit lazy

-Not very mathematical

-Acts on the spur of the moment



=Charles Dickens

=Learning of different cultures


=Double Swords



=Being out in the sun

=People who don’t read


Quotes Edit

“Did you know…”

“Who are you calling a crow you crazy Hawk? *laughs* Just kidding! You know I love you Zilvy!”

“Love…is pointless really. Sisterhood is what really matters!”


Astrid grew up on the streets of Kilvas. How she got there, not even she knows. She was raised by a kindly old raven man named Norman. He owned a small library in Kilvas where she did most of her learning. She literally spent her days reading since she was able to. She met Zilver when her father came in to buy a new book. The girls instantly bonded and for the next few weeks Zilver was there, the two became inseparable.

When Zilver finally had to leave, Astrid followed and traveled with the Hawk’s. They returned to their village together where she became excellent friends with the local swords master, Merdoc. He took her in as her apprentice.

RP HistoryEdit


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OC belings to: Zilver_Hawk - Moderator of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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