Bianca Arora (c) HeartOfPinkSol

Connor Mallen (c) Wyvernlord_Firion


Support Level C Edit

Neeva:*flying* *laughing*
Bianca: *walking* I’m bored…let’s see what I can do! *smirks*
Neeva:*does a lazy loop*
Bianca: *begins to cry* How…dare…he?!
Neeva:*turns around*...*looks at her*… Was there something you needed??
Bianca: *looks at him, not realizing he was a laguz* Y-you…r-raped…*realizes he is a laguz and screams* AHHHHHH. SUB-HUMAN!
Neeva:*flies up a couple feet, his hair on end* Yikes! Bianca: G-get away from me!!
Neeva: Wh-what did I do?! Bianca: EW! You are speaking that gibberish! EWWW! *steps back and runs away*
Neeva:*shaking from surprise, he leaves*

End of Support C

Support Level B Edit

Bianca: HAHAHA. Oh, those stupid sub-humans…hn! Tried to fight back…sike!
Neeva:*practicing with his shamshir and his dagger*
Bianca: Thought they could retort! Thank god Mom isn’t here!
Neeva:*sheathes them, only to turn at Bianca again* ...Weren't you that person who scared me yesterday? Bianca: *sees Neeva and pauses* EWWWW! Sub-humans again! Jeez! Why does this world have to be infested with you all hideous beasts?!
Neeva:*doesn't understand it at all* Sub human? *tilts his head*
Bianca: *groans* There you go again with your stupid gibberish. Why can’t you see NO ONE understands or likes you all!! *starts to walk away*
Bianca: Ew…you are a disgrace to the English language…I’d rather you talk in that gibberish!
Neeva: Hrmph, I can tell that you've been insulting me for as long as we have seen each other....But I can't tell what in the world you are saying! Bianca: *groans* Now I know why people don’t talk to you, bye loser! *put the L sign on her head and leaves*
Neeva:...I tried, I really did...*shrug*

End of Support B

Support Level A Edit

Bianca: *crosses her arms* STUPID. STUPID MOTHERS.
Neeva:*being chased by a mob of beorc, all of them wanting to capture him* St-Stay away! *tries to fly away, but one shoots his wings with a lucky shot*
Bianca: *sees the commotion, then looks away* Funny, I speak of mothers and look a dream come true! *smirks*
Neeva:*bleeding a bit now*nnnh...*stands to face the men, his sword and dagger in hand*
Bianca: Can’t they do this little show somewhere else? I need my space…*rolls her eyes*
Neeva:*Barely holding his own*
Bianca: *looks at the battle scene* Man…they are fast! Yay! For Beorc!
Neeva:*Tries to fly up with his injured wing but winces, only hovering as gets a tiny bit of an edge over the men*
Bianca: *stands up*
Neeva:*nearly blacking out form the pain, he desperatly defends himself now as he climbs higher*
Bianca: *slowly starts to walk away*
Neeva:*high enough now that he can escape, and he flies in Biancas direction*
Bianca: *sees him and screams* AHHH!
Neeva:*barely sails over her head, landing on a roof*Ooof!
Bianca: I swear if you touched me….I would’ve died!
Neeva:*clutches his injured wing*...Yo-You!*looks over at Bianca*
Bianca: Yes?
Neeva:D-Do you...have..Vulenary..for...wing?
Bianca: Don’t know and even if I did I wouldn’t give it to you!
Bianca: *rolls her eyes*
Neeva:...Can...yo-you h-help?
Bianca: Tell me what one good reason why I should. It’s not like what those people are doing is wrong.
Neeva:...Sorry I a-asked...*slowly gets up*
Bianca: That’s what I thought.
Neeva:I-I not run...
Bianca: Okay?
Neeva:*looks over to the mob*...*holds his weapons wearily*
Bianca: Beorc! Beorc! *smirks*
Neeva:*looks over one last time to Bianca with an Eyebrow raised*
Bianca: You think I would support sub-humans, think again.
Neeva:*grunts as the men charge him*
Bianca: Humph, what’s the point of staying…I already KNOW who’s going to win!
Neeva:*kills a couple of men before getting wounded by another*
Bianca: *slowly starts to walk off again*
Neeva:*gets knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of the head*
Bianca: *still walking away*
Neeva:*lasping out and in from consciouness from the pain*Nnngh...*still fighting*
Bianca: *looks back and sighs* Come on, humans…win for god’s sake!
Neeva:*does a spin attack, only lightly wounding the people surrounding him*
Bianca: *walking away again*
Neeva:*His sword finally gets knocked out of his hand*
Bianca: BORING *leaves*
Neeva:*finally gets taken*...*writhing from pain*

End of Support A

Neeva, the Courageous Laguz and Bianca, the Ignorant Noble Though Neeva and Bianca never really talked again, but they did see each other a lot. Obviously with Bianca’s hate there wouldn’t be a friendship formed between them, though Neeva did try to decrease her hate, but he was unsuccessful and decided to let her live her life and he’d live his own.

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