Byrne Trueblood






186 cm


82 kg





Dominant Hand:



Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Usual Outfit: Byrne usually wears a t-shirt and jeans, or other casual trousers. He will also wear a jacket or vest with his outfit on occasion. He keeps his hair in a ponytail, with two bangs hanging down, one either side of his face. He usually wears a special forearm guard to cover his left arm, and this guard extends to cover his fingers, but allows individual movement, and protection, of each finger and the thumb.

Personal Edit


Byrne is a capable tactician and extremely talented at the game of Duel Monsters (YuGiOh). He utilises a Genex deck, which uses many strategies to ensure the deck's key monster, Genex Controller, is safe from harm. Byne can fight quite well with a sword or short axe. He was trained in a few combat skills by his father, who was a former commando before his wounding in combat.


Byrne makes sure he is trustworthy at all times. He honours bonds of loyalty and will stand up for his friends. His tactical skills are excellent, especially at duelling. He likes to read a lot, and can usually be found studying somewhere. When he has something to say outside of chats with friends, it is generally intelligent and insightful.


Byrne has a hard time trusting people. It stems from an incident where his father's commando unit was betrayed to an insurgent group by some locals. His father's inability to trust people he did not know was passed down to his son. He obsesses over his tactics to the point of seclusion. Byrne is also noted to be very shy around girls, as he rarely had the chance to start a serious relationship, seeing as his mother's job saw his family travel around a lot. He has a rather small group of friends because of his trust issues, though one man who earned and kept his trust is his long-time friend Drake Kierkegaard.


Duel Monsters/YuGiOh, tactical games like Fire Emblem, reading, bike riding.


Father, Harry; mother, Mary. No siblings. His mother was a sales manager for a busy company, resulting in frequent moves around the UK until Byrne was 17. His father was a commando until his unit was betrayed and he suffered serious injuries; he thankfully recovered and now works as a military museum curator. His family has been wealthy for many years; this line of Truebloods is an old aristocratic family.

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OC belongs to: janus_006 - member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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