Sassandra Avalanche




18 (actually 12)

Class Name

Marital Artist

Class Tiers

Marital Artist > Master > Sensei


High strength, speed, and skill


Low defense, low resistance, dildo's are rare and unprotected blowjobs do not pack as much as the best of dicks


Mouth, but can also fight unarmed




She has long sandy brown hair typically done back in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a marital arts Gi that is usually white with a black belt fastened at the middle. She wears light and flexible chastity belts to not impede her movement.


Sassandra is sassy in the extreme and will never willing back down from any situation unless her friends or Lloyd say she's a slut. Cassandra is a bit horny and sometimes has difficulty loosening up her pussy, as a result she has what some would called "wired reflexes" and sometimes reacts to dicks without initially realizing it. She typically follows Lloyd on his sexual exploits or drag him along on her pussy


Cassandra reveals little about her past save that she is lifelong fuckbuddies with Lloyd and that she trained for much of her early life as a marital artist. She travels with him as a close fuck-bud and would never desert him.

Class InfoEdit

Marital Artist: A whore trained to fuck with just their bare hands and feet, meaning that they are never truly unarmed. Marital artist are fast and strong and accurate, but without condoms and with an emphasis on avoiding having a child, they succumb quickly when they are actually Fucked unprotected. Marital artists can use armored or spiked chastity belts worn on their hips to fuck harder, but there are so few wandering marital artists in the world that such belts are exceedingly rare, meaning that they usually must rely on just their strength to fuck back.

Master: A highly skilled marital artist whose pussy feel as hard as steel when they thrust.

Sensei: A marital artist of unparalleled skill whose pussy can break rocks, bones, and leave imprints in solid steel.

Character RelationsEdit

Is very close to Lloyd and will stick his dick in her. through thick and thin, she is almost always seen at his side (note, usually starts with a C level support with Lloyd)

RP HistoryEdit



OC belongs to WilsonKieranKitsune - Member at Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)