Chandni Kapoor





Class Tree:

Mage > Sage -> Archsage

Signature Weapon:

Fimbulevtr (FE6-8) Blizzard (FE9-10)



Chandni is very manipulative and cunning, smart beyond her years. However, she loses her temper easily and often is driven by her emotions. Furthermore, she holds a suppressed fear of being rejected for her branded blood.


Growth Rates
Chandini Class Sprite

Class Sprite

HP: 40% | STR: 40% | MAG: 60% | SKL: 40% | SPD: 40% | LCK: 40% | DEF: 20% | RES: 60%

Base Stats

Lv. 1 Wind Mage | HP: 16 | STR: 3 | MAG: 8 | SKL: 3 | SPD: 5 | LCK: 8 | DEF: 2 | RES: 10

Average Final Stats

Lv: 20 Anima Archsage | HP: 45 | STR: 24 | MAG: 39 | SKL: 33 | SPD: 30 | LCK: 38 | DEF: 19 | RES: 38







Chandni was the daughter of a beorc sage and a heron. Her father, the beorc, was infamous for experimenting with wind spells. It was rumored in fact that he had even created spells. However, one day, he brought back an orphan from Daein to his village in Begnion. The villagers, angry at his action, began to ostracize him and ruin his medical business. Finally, one day, after a long drought, the villagers blamed the orphan and all ganged together to kill him. Chandni’s father died protecting the orphan, and Chandni’s mother helped Chandni and the orphan escape before she was killed. After being on the run for months, one day, Chandni left the orphan alone for an hour to gather food, and returned to find him dead. Since then, she’s been hiding across the continent, afraid to find the people who killed her brother.

RP HistoryEdit

A Question of DemonsEdit


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