Class Tree:

White Mage-White Wizard-Ivory Master


She wears white robes, which is trimmed with red triangles. She has raven black hair and a fair face.


A very caring person, she serves as a healer to other people.

Class DescriptionEdit

White mage

White mages have profincicy of Staves, but can heal without them, but it's their Magic score cut in 1/4 with no bonuses. Weak HP, MP, but they have better defences than black mages. Res is normal

White Wizards have high hp growth, and they gain profinicy over light magic, though it can only cap to C. They're healing ability without staves is also intesified by they're magic score only being halfed. They're profincincy level with staves is increased to A. Magic becomes average, and defence is now higher.Res is higher than Mag. but not by much

Ivory Masters

They have high mag-wise caps, and they're Skill levels are : Light: SS Staves:SS Higher defence than OM. They now heal with no hinderace and they heal as much as they're magic allows


She was a normal girl with exceptional talents for healing magic, and this talent was found by the order of the White Robes, who taught her every healers trick before letting her go. In fact, she could heal with her hands, but she is much better with a staff. She left her parents on her own free will, traveling the land until she became part of the Starlight mercenarys by healing and helping Huma out of a pinch when he was all alone in the group.

RP HistoryEdit



OC belongs to: Wyvernlord_Firion - member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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