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Tier 0 - Pupil He mostly taught himself, but a man who visited the orphanage from time to time would also correct him on his pronounciations. He enjoyed casting the magic, but it got a bit old burning himself constantly.

Tier 1 - Shaman Finally he had the chance to use dark magic, and he immediately prefered it over the fire magics, thus he abandoned his training in anima magic completely. He continues his training while traveling with Cute and Sonalan.

Tier 2 - Druid At this stage, he'll be able to use staves and anima magic, in addition to his dark magic. He'll have to study and train much harder, but he hopes to get to this point one day.

Tier 3 - Warlock He'll gain a loyal steed when he reaches this tier; it'll take awhile for him to reach this point, however.


He has dark purple above-shoulder length hair, and shining light blue eyes. He wears black and dark purple shaman robes that his teacher gave him. They actually belonged to his teacher when the older man was about Emagine's age, but he had grown out of them, and kept them to pass on to his own student. Emagine believes it brings him luck, so he is almost always wearing it. Otherwise, he wears a simple, long-sleeved black shirt, and black pants. How he doesn't pass out, or even break a sweat, on hot days is anyones guess.


He's somewhere between the personalities of Cute and Sonalan - he's somewhat quiet and reserved, but he's also bright and optimistic. He's a bit shy sometimes, especially in new surroundings, and around new people. He's thoughtful, but skeptical, uneasy, and often hesitant when he's without his best friends. With them, his personality is slightly varied; simply because he's comfortable and certain, trusting. He's slightly gullible, and sometimes naive, but he can be very sweet.


His mother died giving birth to him, as was a common thing during this time period. He was born with an illness, demanding much attention from a healer, who also played the role of mother toward him until he was old enough not to need a prominant female figure in his life. His father, being a sailor, could not care for him, and thus he was given to his mothers brother, a successful lawyer. His uncle died of illness, however, a few years after Emagine began living with him. His father was unable to be contacted, so he was sent away to an orphanage. There, he met Cute and Sonalan, and the three became fast friends.

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OC belongs to: amanda2324 - Historian I of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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