37 (killed by Zaanga)









Current Residence:


Signature Weapon:

Silver Blade




Eye color:Storm grey

Skin color:White

Hair color:Jade


He's gentle, courteous and kind, but he has a blood-ridden history that he conceals in his eyes. He was born in Raolis, but it was during the War of Stones, so he was taught in the blade to defend the village from bandits and monsters. But then Grado mustered all of it's military might to strike Renais, and they recruited Ergrash to fight under Calleach, who was killing innocent citizens with his battalion of swordsmen. once Ergrash refused to murder, and Calleach threatened to personally destroy Raolis if he didn't kill. Ergrash was a nautral swordsman, at only the age 34. Calleach made sure he was promoted to leuitenit officer of his battalion. Then he was about to go to Rausten to invade with Riev, when he ran away to Raolis stopping in Darlis(village) on the way, and he taught Kurmash the basics of the blade to defend his village. thinking that Raolis was destroyed, but gerenal Selena had defended it from random attack before she died, and it was safe for the time being. That's when he rescued Hranis as he was about to be shipped off to the army. He taught Hranis everything he knew about the blade, how to speak properly, and how to read and write. He sent Hranis to have him graduate from his studies by spending three days out in the woods to find his inner self. A day after that happened, The Talivar Bandits and their leader,Zaanga, raided Raolis. He tried to defend it as well as he could, cutting down every bandit that came into the village with his Silver blade, and he was about to save Raolis, until Zaanga came himself. They had a Duel to the finish, and Zaanga came out alive, with a scar under his eye that reminded him that raid forever.

Death quote: Gah...I defended.... all that I.....loved as best as I could.......Im sorry.....Hranis.*dies*

RP HistoryEdit


Joseph (c) Zilver_Hawk


OC belongs to: Wyvernlord_Firion - member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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