Francesca Wolfguarde
Koric - Francessa



Eye Color


Hair Color

Gray (Used to be Red)

Fire Emblem Class

Mostly Related to the Myrmidon Set

Fire Emblem Race



Francesca is a beautiful woman and fierce fighter. Her mother is Commandant Joan of the Royal Army. A long time ago, she and her mother visited an encampment run by Arimik, a young general. As she and her mother rode into camp, they were intercepted by Koric. He insulted them indirectly, so Francesca walked up to him, and slapped him on his right cheek. This angered Koric so he engaged her in combat, where she bested him handily. Koric began to wonder how a woman could've beaten him so easily without ruthlessness, this intrigue led to more intimate feelings wether or not either of them realized it. While the two were on a mission, Joan led a retaliatory strike against the empire for ransacking a nearby village. Though the strike left a huge dent in the empire's army, Joan and her battalion were wiped out. This led Francesca into a state of depression, she wouldn't eat, she wouldn't see anyone, and she shut out everyone. Koric however, managed to break this by taking Joan's crushed and shattered armor, and remade it as his first attempt at blacksmithing, to this day, he regales this piece as his greatest work. Years later, Koric left in order to finish a pointless war. She was left to defend the village, unfortunately she was overpowered and killed.

Koric - Francesca Battle Sprite

Battle Sprite

RP HistoryEdit



OC belongs to Koric - Member at Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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