Class Tree:

Monk - Bishop - Saint


Rexaura, Divine


Mend, Restore


Galadriel has long, brown, hair and green eyes. She is of average height and weight. She wears long, white robes that have a gold trim on the edges. On the back of the robes is the image of a rising sun. If she is traveling, she wears a brown bag that wraps over her shoulder. She uses it to carry tomes and staves.


Galadriel is very quiet and wise. She tends to speak, only when she feels it is necessary. She gets very nervous around people she doesn't know, especially men. She is the type of person that if she sees someone that needs help, she will do everything in her power to assist them. She is very dedicated to her studies as a monk and to her friends


Galadriel was given to the monastary by her parents. There she was raised and trained to be a monk. There she studied for many years, constantly working hard to increase in knowledge. The only time she wasn't studying was when she sleeping, or when she was spending time with her freind Luciana. One day the monastary was attacked by a large group of brigands. In the attack, many were killed while Galadriel and many other young monks hid in the deeper parts of the monastary. Her friend Luciana used a hidden treasure in the monastary to defeat the bandits. After the battle was over, Luciana told Galadriel of their leaders final wishes. She said the he wanted her to become the leader of the monastary in his stead. Galadriel reluctantly accepted.

RP HistoryEdit



OC belongs to BlackPhoenix - Member of Fire Emblem Role Play (FERP)

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