RedWorld - Grest




Inaf, Ostin




Sage Mymridon (Tomes + Sword)




160 lbs

Eye Color


Hair Color

Red and Green

Greatest Flaw

He is frightened of battles and always seems scared.

Best Quality

Even though he's a chicken, his leadership skills are like a king.


Grest acts a tad younger than his age when it comes to personality, considering not being around a true family. He mostly acts before he thinks and believes the world should be peaceful. In fights, Grest is somewhat cowardly and is very frightful of blood, being in a field of post battle when he was 3. If Themis is picked on, it can snap a string in Grest's heart, making him be defensive over his best friend. When Grest IS with his father, he can act twice as young than he normally does.


Grest has little remembrance of his own past. He was born in Tellius. The mother is unknown, but the father was Tormod. In Tellius, young Grest stumbled over a sword that only he could touch, later dubbed the "Elemental Sword". Right afterward, he was being searched by a large group of people, wanting the sword as well. Because of this, Tormod was forced to send him to another continent with another man, alon g with the sword. Once there in Inaf, Ostin, the man, who was named Gale, took him in as his son (though never admitted this to him, hating that he wouldn't be able to tell the truth) and raised him to be a decent sword user. Grest could only use magic at first since it was how he was raised. When he was 12, Grest had found a trapped cat laguz, Themis, in slavery. Freeing him, they were best of friends and had created the Laguz Army of Inaf to fight against lauz slavery in Ostin. 5 years later, Grest had become so curious to find who his real father was, he set off to go and find him with the help of Themis, Gale, Daniel, and Aaron to go and look for him.

RP HistoryEdit


Allison (c) Windwarrior234

Zeman (c) panahinuva

Hiraishin (c) Amanda2324

Vicky (c) Heartofinksol

Tess (c) Heartofpinksol

Shane (c) Heartofpinksol

Maya (c) Heartofpinksol

Ace (c) Heartofpinksol

Themis (c) RedWorld

Theo (c) Zilver_Hawk

Billy (c) Heartofpinksol


OC belongs to RedWorld - Member at Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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