Hranis (c) Wyvernlord_Firion_

Takato Matsuki (c) Windwarrior234


Support Level C Edit

Hranis:*Flying on Ergrash*C'mon, just a little farther, then we can rest...

Takato: *flying on Gui* Looks like we're gonna be there first, Gui!

Hranis:*Ergrash starts desending from fatiege*...ok, we'll rest here...

Takato: *Gui begins to growl to gain Takato's attention* Hm? What? *sees Ergrash and Hranis* Another wyvern...You wanna go look? Alright...

Hranis:*they land**gets off* did a nice job, and now you need to rest*scratches under Ergrashs chin*

Takato: *Gui eyes Ergrash as Takato calls out* Excuse me, sir! Are you lost?

Hranis:*looks up**shouts back*No!

Takato: *taken back* O-oh, just seemed like you were meandering about...

Hranis:Was I?*to Ergrash*just where were you headed?

Takato: There's a lot of towns around here...maybe your wyvern just got confused? I know Gui does sometimes...*Gui snorts in rebuttal* Hey, it's true!

Hranis:*shrug*Well, I didn't notice, so I'll take you're word for it.

Takato: Maybe I could help you out? I mean, I know the area pretty well....

Hranis:Well, I just need to rest here for a little while, then I will be on my way.

Takato: Oh, I see. *Gui suddenly seems tired, drooping his wings a bit* Gui? Are you alright?

Hranis:*looks over to Gui*He seems a bit tired himself.

Takato: That's really weird...he was fine before...*Gui lands on the ground and slumps over a bit* Gui, are you alright?!

Hranis:Even I know that's unusaul

Takato: *worriedly* I really hope he isn't sick...

Hranis:...Then I suppose we're going to both spend a little time here.

Takato: So it name is Takato. Who are you?

Hranis:I am Hranis.

Takato: *nods and smiles* It's nice to meet you...oh, my wyvern's name is Gui. Normally he'd say hi, but...*looks at Gui worriedly as the crimson wyvern pretends to sleep*

Hranis:But he's asleep at the moment.

Takato: Yeah, pretty much....he's never taken ill so suddenly before. This is so strange.

Hranis if it came so suddenly maybe it will go just as fast. I do not know.

Takato: Maybe...

Hranis:*sits down by Ergrash, who is lying on the ground**keeps his hand resting easily on one of his swords*

Takato: *notices the dual blades* So you're a twinblade?

Hranis:Yes. I'm able to wield two swords at the same time.

Takato: Wow...I've only met one other twinblade before, yet he didn't ride a wyvern. You must be strong.

Hranis:It takes a few years to be able to skillfully wield two swords....did this swordsman have green hair?

Takato: *thinks for a moment* I...don't believe he did, no. He did mention someone with that description, though.

Hranis:Ah. The green haired man trained me

Takato: *nods* Oh, I see. I learned what I know from my father; he used to be a halberdier in the army, but he retired when my brother was born.

Hranis:My master also was retired, but he trained me nevertheless

Takato: You and I seem to have more in common than I thought!

Hranis:...Well, that's one way to put it.

Takato: Hehe, sorry. I guess you're not much of a conversationalist.

Hranis:I guess not either.*shrug*

Takato: *awkwardly* Well, uh...if you don't wanna talk, I could just stand guard over there....

Hranis:You go ahead. I might take a little lunch while I'm here

Takato: Alright then....*walks out of earshot*

Hranis:*takes out some water and some hard bread*

Takato: *kneels next to Gui* Don't worry,'ll be okay....

End of Support C

Support Level B Edit

Hranis:*srcatching Ergrashs belly*...Are you nice and rested now, boy?

Takato: *observing Gui with worry* He's still's been nearly four hours....

Hranis:Maybe he needs medicine.I'm no doctor, though.

Takato: Gui? Gui, are you awake? *the crimson wyvern shifts in his sleep slightly* You may be right, but I can't get anyone out here...

Hranis:I could get one. I think there are a couple of towns nearby

Takato: *nods sadly* There are....

Hranis:Ergrash is nice and rested. I'll go ahead and fetch one, then.

Takato: I suppose I have no other recourse....thank you, Hranis.

Hranis:you're welcome. I can't stand by while a creature such as a Wyvern suffers

Takato: *smiles* That's very kind of you...I'll pay you back for the medicine....

Hranis:I'll worry about that when I have the healer here

Takato: *nods in understanding* Yes, alright....

Hranis:*mounts Ergrash, who eagerly stands up at the prospect of flying* Wooah, easy there...

Takato; *observes Ergrash in awe* He's so big....

Hranis:He's barely three years old, so he has a lot of energy!*chuckles*

Takato: *surprised* He's only three?! I didn't think wyverns would grow that big...

Hranis:Really?...Well, the early exersize probably didn't hurt...

Takato: That might be it....

Hranis:He's been following me around since I protected him while he was an egg.

Takato: He might think you're his mother....*laughs a bit*

Hranis:No, I defended him from bandits until his mother arrived to kill the rest of them off...At least, that's what I think what happened...

Takato: That's very noble of you....

Hranis:I was supposed to stay out in the forest for three days, so I didn't have anything to do but practice my swordsmenship

Takato: It must've worked out well enough.

Hranis:But when I got back....*looks sadly to Ergrash*

Takato: *senses the problem* W-what?

Hranis:...Everyone was killed....

Takato: O-Oh....I'm so sorry....

Hranis:I could've been there to prevent that...*hand tightens around hilt*

Takato: There's no changing the past....all we can do is move on and try to keep the memory alive.

Hranis:...I've been doing that for a long time. I know who killed my master, and I will not rest until I have my revenge...

Takato: I see....*becomes thoughtful*


Takato: Well, to each their own. I'm not going to stop you.

Hranis:...I must be going.*starts flying off*

Takato: I hope he makes it back okay....

End of Support B

Support Level A Edit

Hranis:*flying on Ergrash*

Takato: *down below, fighting bandits* Good bye! *kills one bandit*

Hranis:*Sees him*..thats Takato...*flies in, killing another*

Takato: *startled* Hranis!? What are you doing here?

Hranis:I was just flying by when I saw you.

Takato: *smiles* Good timing! These brigands were on their way to town when we crossed paths. Do you mind sticking around to help clean house?

Hranis:I have a personal grudge against any bandit. I'd love to help.

Takato: Good; I heard these guys calling themselves the Taliban, or something like that. Whatever it was, I knew it couldn't be good.

Hranis:....You mean the Taliver!?*expression turns dark*

Takato: *snaps his fingers in recognition* Yeah, that's it!

Hranis:....They were the bandits who killed everyone...*rushes off on a killing spree*

Takato: *surprised by Hranis' sudden aggression* Woah! *ducks as a body flies over head* Hranis?!

Hranis:*kills the last man savagely*...It's still not him...

Takato: *is slightly intimidated* Hranis....

Hranis:...I need to go. My vow to my master is not yet fufilled.*storms over to Ergrash*

Takato: W-Wait! Those bandits were the ones who killed your master?!

Hranis:*Turns to him*YES! I must strike down their leader! He's been stopping me for three years, but now is the time.

Takato: Do you even know where he is?

Hranis:...I don't know, but I will find him. And I will end it.

Takato: Hranis, rushing in head first without thinking will only get you killed! Then who'll avenge your master?

Hranis:Takato, I've been suffering from this rage for three years without rest!*shaking*

Takato: If you let that anger control you, it'll only end with your death! I've seen it happen to a friend before and I don't want it to happen again!

Hranis:*About to shout*You don't understand!!! HE gave me a home, and he made me into who I am!

Takato: *takes a calming breath for a moment*....Would he want you to kill yourself like this?

Hranis:*takes shaking breaths*...I will never rest until I avenge you, Ergrash. That was my vow. And I intend to keep it.*mounts Ergrash*

Takato: *worriedly, yet angrily* Idiot! You're going to kill yourself!

Hranis:Would you rather have their crimes go unpunished!? For mass murder on a grand scale?!

Takato: Not if it means you throwing your life away!

Hranis:..*Fists tighten around his swords*I'll kill anyone who gets in my way of my revenge!

Takato: *instinctively grips his spear* Hranis, I don't want to fight you.

Hranis:I don't want to either, Takato. But I will not be denied when I'm so close!

Takato: This is so pointless....Close to what? You don't even know where the man is?!

Hranis:I've seen him many times. An obvious giant of a man, he wields his axe with such ease that couldn't be possible for a normal man.

Takato: Such a fearsome fight him alone is suicide!

Hranis:My master could only wound him. but I have been tested many times, And I'm certain I will defeat him.

Takato: the very least, let me accompany you. You may fight him on your own, but I will assure that no one else will interfere.

Hranis:...Thank you.

Takato: Anything to help. *whistles to call Gui* Lead the way.

Hranis:I will. I have a feeling about a vale nearby...

Takato: *mounts Gui and nods* Alright then; let's go.

Hranis:I agree.*Flies off*

Takato: *to himself* Goddess, protect us *flies off after him*

End of Support A

Hranis, Vengeful Dragon Rider and Takato, Voice of Reason

Together, Hranis and Takato sought out the leader of the Taliver bandits, eventually finding him after a long search. Takato kept his promise by distracting the bandits while Hranis fought the man. After a long battle, Hranis emerged the victor, and the two wyvern riders stayed close friends throughout the years.

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