Ian Brightblade









Class Tree:


Signature Weapon:

Claymore, Shield

Weapon Description:

It is a unusually large sword, but it is thinner than a blade of any kind. But it is a whooping 5 1/2 feet.It is his most prized possession


An average man in height at a good 5'9, he is a slender, but well muscled figure. His hair is a black with brown highlights, and his armor is a dented silver, with iron streaks, he carries around a shield that he uses when he is toying with an opponent. If he uses his two handed grip style on his claymore, you're in trouble!


Honor means everything to this man. His fathers were knights of the highest caliber. They were the ones the knighthood sent out to do everything that needed to be done. He would follow orders to the last letter, but he lacks to ind purpose behind his honor, thus leading him to be a relatively neutral person.


As said before, his anscestry were knights of the highest caliber, but he is the only son of the last generation of the Brightblades. He went to the knight barracks, but he disargeed so much with the teachers, bested his instructors on talent, and made not a single friend. He was soon cast out as a freelance knight, able to be sold to any kingdom. That's when he first came to Crystalis.Luxali hired him as a knight, but she saw his talent, and decided to make him an honorary member of the knighthood at the castle, despite the protests of the populace. He then came to be known as "The Queens Knight" or henchman behind his back. He has been challenged many times for captain of the royal guard by Crystalain Champions of other rich families, but he's won every single time. When Luxali departed to find Neeva, He was made Steward of Crystalis, much to many an uproar. But she left behind one document on the throne.

"He that beateth the Steward in combat shall have the throne." Again with redoubled efforts, the challengers grew, but Ian Killed them all by rite of combat, and he holds the throne still to this day.


"What is your business here?" "You look impressive, but then again you haven't fought a Brightblade." "My fathers father and so forth were great knights. I plan to be one of the same."

RP HistoryEdit



OC belongs to: Wyvernlord_Firion - Member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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