Class Tree:

Noble - Lord - Knight Lord

"Noble" Class Description:

A Noble is a basic sword class resembleing the myrimidon, but with higher defence and lower speed.

"Lord" Class Description:

As a Lord, the character will gain higher abilities with the sword

Knight Lord Class Description:

As a Knight Lord, the character will gain the use of lances and begin riding horses


Josiah bears the sword Daedalus, a weapon passed down in his family to the eldest son at each generation. A very powerful weapon, but fairly difficult to weild.



Josiah has a very calm personality. He hates fighting but he does it because of his family lineage. He is proud of his heritage, but he hates the fact that he has is forced to live up to it and is bitter at his family for putting him under that presure.


Josiah is very diplomatic in his approach towards tense situations. He can diffuse almost any argument through his words. If he can't, he has the sword skill to get himself out of trouble.


Josiah has trouble with getting into affairs that don't involve him. Because of this, he will usually get into alot of trouble.


Josiah was born to a marquess house in Lycia. From the moment he was born, his family had great plans for him. For much of his young life he was trained under the presure of his family name. Hundreds of years after the Scouring a hero emerged from his family. His ancestor, a famed knight named Solomon. It was this name that was shoved in his face every time Josiah did something less than perfect. He was always being compared to his ancestor, being told to be like him to keep the honor of the family alive. He is now very bitter at his family for putting this presure on him. To this day, he remains with his family in Lycia, training to become something he doesn't want to be.

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