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Solar Knight


Luciana has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually has her hair braided into a ponytail that sits over her left shoulder. When going through her daily life she dresses in common, humble clothing, but she still retains an almost regal beauty. She always carries a lance or a battle staff for her protection. If she's not carrying it, it is usually strapped to her back. If faced with a fight, She'll wear her solar armor. The armor is white with a gold trim with white chain male underneath.The helmet is trimmed on the sides as well as around the visor. On the breastplate it bears a symbol of a rising sun as well as on the right pauldron. The armor is very light ensureing the the user is able to move quickly. She does carry a sheild on her back, but she rarely uses it so both of her hands are free to move the lance. She has a cape, but only wears it on special occations.


Luciana is a very disciplined and hard working girl. She is determined to better herself in every area, especially with her skill with weapons. She is quiet, but not shy. She is very kind and careing. It takes alot to get her angry, but when she is angry, she won't say anything about it most of the time. If she does say something when she's angry, it will cut very deep into who she says it to.


Luciana was separated from her mother, father, and twin brother at a very young age. She was taken in by a group of monks and was raised by them. They trained her in how to weild a lance and in the arts of light magic. Before her fifteenth birthday the monastary was attacked by a group of Brigands. Many of the monks died trying to defend the monastary. With his last breath, the leader of the monks told Luciana of a hidden treasure in the monastary. The solar armor. She found it and used it to defeat the brigands. The battle was won, but the cost was high. The monastary was in ruins and many of the monks had been killed. Luciana's freind Galadriel had taken charge of the monastary and she selected Luciana as the permanent bearer of the Solar armor.

Class InformationEdit

Class Description: The Solar Knight is a unit where all attacks it deals have a light attribute to them(the enemy will be dealt light based damage). While being much lighter and faster than other knights, the solar knight has lower defence than a knight but a higher magic resistance. The solar knight usually has the advantage over elder magic, but anima will cause this unit trouble.

Weapons: Flare Lance , Aurora Amulet

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