Luxali Dragalis


95 (looks 26)




Moth Laguz


Moth Laguz (double swords)

Signature Weapon:

Double killing edges


She's a tall woman, a solid 6'4(without heels), and her hair is an dark black, but her eyes are never truly one color, like Neevas. They have the same range of colors that his does, but they all have the same look: Dark and cold.


She's coldly calcuating, but she has a very warm side that all but disappeared when she lost her son, Neeva. When he disappeared, she was dancing on a knifes edge between hatred and greif, leaning toward both.


She was born relativliy rich, nothing to compared to the kings treasury, but still rich enough to make a difference. But she never wanted anything. This caused her nickname from the elders to be "strange child". She simply accepted this, and she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. that's when Rerkios, her future husband saw the beauty in her. they married, which was right after the king died of illness, and he had no heirs. A search went out for a direct descendant of the miners who found the crystal that made crystalis famous, and they found Luxali to be the one. immeditatly her life got better. She had Neeva, had a safe environment to raise him in, and a father to care for him while she worked 24/7 in running Crystalis. She proposed that they opened the gates for trade, and almost immedietly, her son was threatened by a cult who was made to oppose her. It did not last long after Neeva escaped on pure chance. She has a steward to run things while she searches for Neeva herself, disguised in a traveling cloak to hide her wings. Unlike Neeva, she has completed her common tongue training, and she speaks it freely.

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OC belongs to: Wyvernlord_Firion - Member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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