Mahie Dhami



Fire Emblem Class

Cleric > Bishop > Sage

Fire Emblem Signature Weapon

Mend and Shine


A thin body, which was actually a surprise since she was able to lose the weight from the pregnancy quick. Mahie has long brown hair which is split in the middle diving it into two sides. She usually wears a dress and some kind of leggings to cover helps. Her chest is usually always covered with some kind of scarf and she wears a half sleeved shirt.


Mahie is sweet and bubbly. She likes things going her way, and she also likes things that she wants her life to be perfect. Ever since the incident of her pregnancy, Mahie has always distanced herself from men. She is quite nice, and humorous. The female loves kids, and has always wanted to be a doctor. Though Mahie gets many remarks about her pregnancy, Mahie after much difficulty has been able to stand it at least in front of the person, but behind the scenes Mahie will be crying.


  • Sweet
  • Nice
  • Has a job
  • Humorous
  • Pretty
  • Magic
  • Resistance


  • Tends to overreact
  • Wants things to go her way
  • Stresses out a lot
  • Worries a lot
  • Cries a lot
  • Poor
  • Family hates her
  • Doesn’t know much about her new surroundings
  • Gullible
  • Keeps her feeling to herself
  • Defense
  • Skill
  • Luck
  • Speed
  • HP
  • Talkative


Mahie had gotten pregnant a year or two ago. The father of the child is a man who didn’t love her. He never loved her, but the land her family owned. Since Mahie lived in a poor village, where she happily lived, her father promised to give Mahie’s husband a part of the land. To get the land, the man pretended to marry Mahie and slept with her leaving her pregnant. The day they were to leave the village and to go into the real city, he left her with his real wife leaving Mahie with a baby in her womb. Her family was furious at the fact that Mahie had gotten pregnant before marriage (after learning the marriage was fake) and attempted to have Mahie get an abortion, which she refused. With her decision, Mahie’s family threw her out of the village and had all her ties broken from her family. When Mahie went back to the city, in the hope of getting her love back in the hope she would actually get him back; in that city her baby girl was born. She was named Geet. Mahie struggled to keep Geet healthy by taking up a job.

RP HistoryEdit


Pyth (c) Zilver_Hawk

Mahie (c) Amanda2324


OC belongs to: Heartofpinksol - Moderator of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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