Mark "Snake Eyes" Dane
Mark-Zilver Hawk









Class Tree:

Archer > Sniper > Marksman

Relationship Status:



Second in Command of Nocturne


Hair: It’s a deep violet pulled back into a ponytail. He wears a black bandana over his head to keep loose hairs out of his face.

Eyes: Purple

Skin: Dark Tan

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 193 lbs

Clothing: He wears typical archer’s clothing, a dark purple turtle neck shirt and black breeches with knee high gray boots. When on a mission, he ties back his hair with a black bandana and adorns a black cloak.



He’s very quiet and stern, a bit lazy as well. He's often found asleep in or around a tree. He always seems to have this permanent stoic expression on his face and his eyes see right through you. He thinks Roark is just a bit too childish and refuses to accept him as leader. He’s very proud and at times, thinks he’s invincible. He’s never been one to follow a plan all the way through, but he is a very loyal friend to William.


“Who needs compassion when I have my bow?!”

“Idiots…I’m surrounded by idiots…”

“Just when I thought he couldn’t get any dumber, he surprised me.”


Founder of Nocturne: Sir William Mason-He both loves and respects the man. The two are very close, as if in an awkward father/son relationship. Even though the two quarrel quite a bit, William always comes out on top, influencing Mark in a good way.

Lover: George Oruro-When on a rogue mission on his own, Mark was ambushed by the mysterious Moonstone Hunter. After a brief battle, the sniper was left for dead, wounded quite badly. His will and determination sent him after her once again. This impressed George. The two had a brief affair, but he ended up angering her and sent him back home with several broken bones and bruises.


William picked him up when he was just an archer. The old man saw skill in him, even as a klutzy child. He grew up a part of Nocturne, hoping one day to be the leader. When William chose Roark over him, he was enraged. William’s only remark was that Roark learned the one thing that Mark couldn’t: compassion. He threatened to leave several times, but there was always a part of him that saw William as a father and couldn’t.

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Agatha (c) Windwarrior234

Faran (c) Wyvernlord_Firion

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