Maya Ina


Maya (Noelle) Ina (Noelle is her maiden name)





Signature Weapon

Arcthunder, Elthunder, and Thoron


Maya is a smart and quiet girl. She was considered the ugliest sister. While her sisters had many friends, Maya had just a few…the school nerds as everyone called them. Maya never considered them nerds, but true friends. Along with her friends, Maya was considered a nerd too. Maya does have habit of doing whatever it takes to get what she wants such as breaking ties with her family for Blaze.


Maya was born in a rich and wealthy family. Out of her 3 sisters, Maya was the smartest, oldest, and was said to be the favorite out of the 3. While one of Maya’s sister became an archer, the other a dark magic user…Maya became a thunder magic user. She was trained by the Great Lucifer Ina. It was when she met Blaze. She fell in love with him and the two wanted to get married. Maya’s father did not approve of this marriage since she was so high in power and he was low since no one knew where he actually came from. Maya broke all ties with her family to be with Blaze.


Blaze Ina - Husband

RP HistoryEdit


Ruki (c) Windwarrior234

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Valeria Latro (c) DRTJR

Rodney McNaughton (c) Zilver_Hawk

Christophe (c) GeneralAstra


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