Meera Walia






Arch Empress (Light, Thunder, Dark, Fire, Wind)

Signature Weapon(s)

Rexflame, Rexbolt, Rexcalibur, Rexaura, Verrine,


Meera is an evil empress who is greedy, and craves power and wealth. Whatever or whoever stops her from
Meera Walia2


getting what she wants is dead. Her special talent is sweet talking, as she has done for many people turning them against their loved ones for her power. It’s been believed that if Jai were to die, Meera would either turn insane and worse than now, or she’ll realize her mistakes and join the good. But, no one has ever dared to plan an attack on the two.


Meera is the real mother of Vicky, she is evil and conniving. She is obsessed with greed and power. Meera is a murderer as she killed Ganga’s real mother. She sweet talked Ganga into hating Jai, so Ganga would always be on her side. She sweet talked her husband to join her to get more power and greed. Meera hates her real son, Vicky, but people say that before she became obsessed with power and greed, she loved Vicky more than her life…it has been proved, but Vicky will never believe it. Meera loves her husband a lot, but when the bad side of her comes out, she cares about nothing. It is learned, that Meera was first in love with her husband, and she killed her Ganga’s real mother (the ex-wife of Jai) to get him. Then, when she married him she had gotten all the wealth and power from the Walia’s which had her craving for more. Another theory on Meera is someone had done something to her making her like this, but it has never been proven true, but it hasn’t been proven wrong either…leaving it a mystery.


Vicky Walia - Son

Ganga Walia - Step-Daughter

Jai Walia - Husband

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