Fencer -Lord -Knight Lord


Rapier, Steel sword


Motague Has dark green hair and brown eyes. He is of average height and has white skin. He wears fine clothing when not fighting. If he has to fight, he wears a green armor. He usually walks around with his lance at his back.


Montague acts like he is insane. He does many strange things that include talking to himslef or objects. He is not really insane, he just acts like it. If he is not pretending to be insane, he is very calm and quiet.


Montague was a normal noble's child in Daein. He was happy and care free until one day when his father died and his uncle took his place as ruler. His uncle also married his mother a month after his father death. This raised much spuspicion in the mind of Montague. One night he was walking about the castle walls while his family and other noble were feasting in the keep. There he saw his father's ghost. His father told him that it was his uncle that killed him and requested that Montague avenge him. Montague swore to avenge his father and began schemeing on ways to reveal his uncle's crime. In order to prevent his uncle from investigating him and from people catching on to his plans, he pretends to be mad to make him seem as if he were no threat.

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OC belongs to BlackPhoenix - Member of Fire Emblem Role Play (FERP)

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