Myke G


Myke G





Class Tree:

Myrmidon > Swordmaster > Trueblade

Signature Weapon:

Venin Edge (FE9-10) Poison Sword (FE6-8)



Myke is quiet and wise, often pondering things as they come. He acts more mature than how kids his age would act, signifying he’s still in his young years. He usually is outside, observing the clouds, thinking of they go with ease and how free they are. But, as pristine and quiet Myke can be, he’s also quite dramatic and very persistent in things. He enjoys sparring with foes and challenging people. He can also be romantic and obnoxious at the same time. And to top it off, he also has an in
Myke Class Sprite

Class Sprite

terest in men as well as women.

Stats Edit

Growth Rates

HP: 40% | STR: 25% | MAG: 10% | SKL: 60% | SPD: 35% | LCK: 35% | DEF: 40% | RES: 15%

Base Stats

Lv. 4 Myrmidon | HP: 14 | STR: 3 | MAG: 1 | SKL: 6 | SPD: 4 | LCK: 4 | DEF: 4 | RES: 2 Average

Final Stats

Lv. 20 Trueblade | HP: 42 | STR: 23 | MAG: 7 | SKL: 40 | SPD: 30 | LCK: 30 | DEF: 26 | RES: 16


Critical + 20




Myke is a descendent of the Greil family. Once was a mercenary, famous for his lineage, but later on became a bandit protector, which meant he protected villages from Bandits and other pillagers. Funnily enough, he was also once on a bounty by a horde of bandits for his lineage and his skills, but it was soon called off because of the absurd demands. After Myke left his foster parents, who had taken care of him because his real parents were killed for helping laguz, he decided to become the greatest sword user in the realm

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