Polaris Artix
Polaris Artix





Class Tree:

Mage > Sage > Archsage

Signature Weapons:

Blizzard (FE9-10) Aircalibur / Excalibur / Alacalibur(FE6-8)



Polaris is a branded boy, who shudders upon hearing words associated with branded. He is very stubborn, and he will be the gallant hero if he must. He doesn't let friends down and he hides his boredom by cracking jokes

Stats Edit

Growth Rates

HP: 40% | STR: 15% | MAG: 50% | SKL: 60% | SPD: 35% | LCK: 35% | DEF: 20% | RES: 25%
Polaris Battle Sprite

Battle Sprite

Base Stats

Lv. 12 Wind Mage | HP: 22 | STR: 6 | MAG: 12 | SKL: 12 | SPD: 13 | LCK: 6 | DEF: 3 | RES: 9

Average Final Stats

Lv: 20 Anima Archsage | HP: 47 | STR: 19 | MAG: 39 | SKL: 34 | SPD: 32 | LCK: 25 | DEF: 19 | RES: 27






Polaris is an intelligent mage, often found in pubs eating some form of poultry. His father is a retired royal mage who was in charge of creating spells, and his mother was a raven who was injured and treated by Polaris’s father, thus making him branded. However, he shudders whenever he hears the word due to his witness of the horrible actions done to the branded. He often makes people pay for his services, but often he is worth the cost due to his intelligence in tactics and magic.

RP HistoryEdit

A Question of DemonsEdit


Chandni (c) StaffOfMoonlite

Myke (c) StaffOfMoonlite

Anna (c) Zilver_Hawk


OC belongs to: StaffOfMoonlite - Admin of 'Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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