Recruit-Lance knight-Paladin-Gold knight


dark hair with a green tint, which she keeps very long, nearly going down to her waist. Keeps it in a neat pony tail


She seems to have inherited all of her anscestor, Petrine, traits. She's cruel, A good fighter, and she has the piercing glare and smirk combo that makes her scary. She also has her armor, which seems to fit her perfectly, though She's not as skilled as a horsewoman, She prefers to fight on foot.


Born In Daien When the war was lost, she had a tough life. But what she didn't know was that she was the grandchild of Petrine's family, and one man regonized he for what she was, and took her immedietly to the Petrine household. There she was raised, taught in the art of the lance, and she inheirited the Flame lance. She now goes through the Daien army, striving to be one of the four riders like Petrine

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Nightmare's DreamEdit


West (c) Zilver_Hawk

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OC belongs to: Wyvernlord_Firion - member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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