Rerkios Dragalis


95 (deceased, though he looks like he is 29)




Moth Laguz


Moth Laguz(Double swords)


Twin Nagatinas. Nagatinas are weapons that are meant to be together, and they are long, and very powerful, but they only have one edge.


He is tall, at a good 6'2, he is usaully clad in light brown clothes, though he has a dash of yellow in his cuffs, and his hair is a colorful yellow, and he has deep brown eyes


He is the caring father, and family, to him, is everything. he's a bit sarcastic, though not overwelmingly so, he is a very passionite person.


He was born in the streets, and he grew up there, about to be sucked into crime, when he saw Luxali. He fell in love instantly, always competing for her hand with other desirious young men who had a advantage over him for being rich. But he never gave up. He kept on trying, and trying, until Luxali could notice him and reconize him for what he truly was. A man who would die for her heart. she loved him back, and at the protest of her rich family, married him. This was right after King Luthor the III died, and so the search for the desendants of the miners that had made Crystalis famous were sought out, and the most direct one was Luxali. and their lives got better. Luxali had Neeva, they had a good envirorment t raise him in, but Luxali couldn't spend time with Neeva, since she was running the country along with her husband. so he took it upon himself to raise their son as well as he could, teaching him about the world and having adventures with him. But then Neeva was kidnapped by the cult, and as soon as he heard of it, he went to attack the cult single-handedly, not taking any guards with him. He provided Neeva a means to escape, but he killed himself in doing so.

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OC belongs to: Wyvernlord_Firion - Member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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