Fire Emblem Roleplaying prides itself on it's roleplays. The roleplays are first thoroughly planned out in our Roleplay Readying Forum and then executed in the Roleplaying Ring with the Roleplay Creator starting the Roleplay.

Alternatively, for users who may feel intimidated or just desire a quick and easy Roleplay, the FERP High School exists.

Open Roleplays

A question of Demons ( c ) panahinuva

Soldier of Starry Skies ( c ) windwarrior234

War of Shadow and Light ( c ) DarkHaseo

Current Roleplays

The Elemental War

Excalibur's Requiem, Movement I: Nocturne

The War of Bending:: A Mosaic of Morals

Eclipsing Twilight, Book 1: Shadows

The Tear of Life

"Nightmare's Dream" Book 1: The Unknown

Finished Roleplays

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