Sam Rexler




Raven (Laguz)

Notable Skills

Vortex, Maelstrom, and Tear.


Sam is the stereotypical Raven in that he would do almost anything if he is paid enough gold for it. However, Sam isn't really interested in the gold itself as much as the excitement from the act although he still charges for it to keep up appearances. Also, he doesn't tolerate prejudice from Beroc if he is called something like "half beast" he will ask for a 1,500 gold payment and if he doesn't receive it he will attack the person until he is either chased away by someone stronger than him or the person dies (Man, woman, child doesn't matter to him here).

His chronic boredom is still a factor in his life and he can be found doing odd things just to have something to do (like stacking a pile of twigs only to blow them over with a gust from his wings). He can also be seen as coward and opportunist as he will try to get away if he is in real danger and will often pilfer items from the fallen on the battlefield to sell or keep depending on exactly what it is.


If he appears in an RP, he can be recruited to the main group if he is either promised or given a high amount of gold.


Sam's childhood was rather unremarkable: his parent's were loving, he lived in a financially stable environment, and he was one of the strongest Raven's in the village. The only thing he had that resembled a problem was his chronic boredom. So one day, in a fool hardy attempt to alleviate this problem he rounded up his friends and launched a raid on one of the many merchant ships that pass by his town.

Sam didn't expect the passengers to be armed and was shocked when several of them ran below decks only to return with lances, blades, and the scarlet red armor of the Begnion empire. What was originally a small raid to assuage boredom quickly turned into a struggle for survival. Sam's friends slowly died off due to overwhelming numbers but not without inflecting heavy damage themselves. Sam himself remembers killing at least 10 men that day.

In a move some would call cowardly, Sam flew away after his friends died due to his fear of retaliation from Begnion. As he got further and further away he wondered about the fate of his village when he worked up the nerve to turn his head back around billow's of smoke rising to the sky answered that question.

RP HistoryEdit



OC belongs to: falseMassiah - member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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