Shabd Sareen
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Fire Emblem Class

Solider > Halberdier > Sentiel

Signature Weapon

Silver Lance and Dragon Spear


Shabd is a very social person, he is known to hide his feelings rather than express them to his friends or to
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anyone. Shabd, unlike other wealthy kids was never spoiled, but he was brought up in a good manner which made him become a loyal and optimistic boy. But, at the same time Shabd can be very arrogant and has a bad temper.


Shabd was one of the wealthiest people in his town till two people who had come and killed Shabd’s parents in front of his eyes at the 14. The two people had been identified as henchmen of Vicky’s parents. All the money had been taken by Vicky’s parents leaving Shabd poor. Shabd ran from his home in the hope of finding refuge as the henchmen were trying to kill him. Shabd and Vicky met as they were running away and became friends. They tried to earn money, which they did. Yet, they ended up going their own paths still being close friends.

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