Sven Luu






Thief -> Assassin


Tall, has no muscularity at all in the upper body. Leg muscles are strong. At first look, an innocent person.

Clothes: Wears a gray shirt and a brown vest over. Wears shorts and glasses. His clothing is rag tag.


Born in**: Caelin, Lycia

Growing up with terrible parents, Sven learned that the real world isn't waiting for him. His first attempts of thievery were failures, and he was punished lightly, since he was a mere child. His parents did nothing to care for him and would leave him at home while they go out to meet with friends. The poverty that he lived was terrible. He fought at school for food. He wasn't very friendly with kids.

As he grew older, he successfully robbed stores. He was a legend for his agile speed. Many say he earn his speed from lack of food so he was lighter, however that wasn't the case. It was his long legs that made him cover ground.

He realized that there are bigger treasures out in the world. One night he planned his departure to see bigger nations like Bern or Ostia. He left the city, leaving the town in a confused state, as they expected Sven to rob one of the stores. It would soon cleared up as they got reports of the armory was ransacked. It was a mess. The store owner said that only a Slim Sword and a Vulunary was taken.

To an extent, it was a relief to some people. However, there was those that knew him as a child and how innocent he look. They cried as they finally realized that Sven is now a young adult leaving for the "real world"

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OC belongs to: drluiginursedaisy - Member of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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