Tai Blossom









Class Tree:

Ranger > Hero > Vanguard

Relationship Status:



Shop Keeper


Hair: Shaggy reddish brown that falls over his eyes most of the time.

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 235 lbs (a little chunky)

Clothing: He wears an orange tunic with a brown leather belt at the waist with a brown cloak. To keep his bangs out of his face, he wears a brown head band. When working in his mom’s store, he usually wears some sort of apron.

Other: He has a small dent in his chest. (Literally…) It’s not very noticeable unless you put a hand to his chest.



???- He claims to be seeing someone, just no one knows who.

Note: He has ten brothers and sisters. He is the second oldest. His older brother Sean ran off to join the army and hasn’t been seen since.


Tai is a fun-loving, simple kind of guy. Even though he had trouble as a kid, he still maintains an upbeat attitude. He loves to laugh and pick on his younger friends, most of which are girls. For some reason, he prefers their company. He’s very protective of his friends and many siblings. Even though he isn’t the most athletic person, his determination makes up for his lack of skill.


-Good heart


-Good Listener



-Holds a grudge

-Lazy when it comes to school work





=Taking people “hostage”





=His father


“What do you mean it’s a girl?!”

“I saw him again today…I swear, if he comes within ten feet of my house…”

“Come on! Jump for it! Jump for it!”


Tai’s first father was an abusive drunk. He’d come home every night anything but sober and beat the poor boy past recognition. Tai’s older brother, Sean, finally left and hasn’t been seen since. Finally, Tai’s mother mustered the courage and left her husband even though he’s often seen lurking about the village.

A few years later, Tai’s mother moved to the village of Phoenix Point where she opened up a small shop to make a living. Tai bonded with the local mercenary, Merdoc, and slowly began to learn the way of the sword. The family was happy once again even though Tai still felt bitter towards his father and a part of him desires revenge, but he doesn’t want to bring any more ruin upon his family. More than anything else, he wants to find his older brother.

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