Tsukirastrasz (Tsuki)
Koric -Tsuki



Eye Color

Left Eye Blue, Right Eye Yellow

Hair Color

Sapphire Blue

Fire Emblem Class


Fire Emblem Race

Branded, (Laguz blood, White Dragon)


Tsuki is a casual young man. He is in the employ of Botta's Mercenaries. When he was only 7 years old, his village of Cannar was decimated by the Empire. He grabbed his father's sword and searced his home for his mother and two brothers. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be seen. He heard screaming outside, which must mean survivors! So he rushed outside, sword in hand, only to see his mother, kneeling in front of a Crimson Knight. She looked to him and lipped the words "I love you". The Knight then let his sword fall, giving her a grave wound in her back. Tsuki rushed the Knight in a blind rage, but was helpless to defend himself, ultimately, he was beaten. Hanging his head, he watched as the village burned in crimson fire and heard the crackling of the boiling blood on the walls and ground. After burying everyone in the village, it hit him that he hadn't seen his brothers corpses...does this mean they're alive!? He dared not to hope, but it stuck in the back of his mind, ever willing to look for them. In his travels he met a hardened mercenary named Botta, who took Tsuki under his wing. He now travels the world with his
Koric - Tsuki Battle Sprite

Battle sprite

new Troupe while looking for his brothers and the Knight which killed his mother, in hopes of bringing divine justice down upon him!

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OC belongs to Koric - Member at Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)