Veer Ranyal
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Fire Emblem Class

Copper Knight (Practically a Silver or Gold Knight, that uses Lance and Swords)

Signature Fire Emblem Weapon

Divine, Heavy Spear,and Silver Sword


A tall, muscular male with sandy brown long hair. He typically only wears white or yellow clothing, it is said it is because he is very religious. His brown eyes will always be glaring at you, and his mouth will barely ever open. He wears yellow armor, with yellow clothes under. His pants are black.



The eldest out of the three siblings of the Ranyal family. He mirrors whatever his mother does, which isn’t a good thing, since she is evil. He is very aloof and cold to others. Though, he hates almost every one except for his two siblings, and mother…he shows some liking towards his father. He is mean, and has a lust for wealth. Veer loves to show his amount of power, as such to prove his greatness, he had raped an innocent.

Veer is considered an enemy rather than a hero.


  • High Strength
  • High Defense
  • Above average resistance
  • High HP
  • Accomplished for his age


  • Rude
  • Wants to kill everyone
  • Low Speed
  • Low Skill
  • Low Luck
  • Wants to do everything on his own
  • Over-confident
  • Not very handsome


Born in wealth, as well as craves for wealth. Veer hates everyone in his family besides his two siblings, and his mother. Otherwise, Veer hates the rest. He finds everyone a divider between him and the property of the house. He is the closes to his mother, which explains why he is able to use light magic. Much about Veer’s past isn’t said except for that an incident had taken place causing him to become a bachelor.


Sahil Ranyal - Brother


Veer is considered a knight on horse with such a defense, it is amazing. His resistance is also above average for knights and horseback. His strength and HP is also very high, though his skill and speed aren’t so great. Actually, they are terrible. He has to rely on his HP, defense, and resistance to be successful in battle. His magic skills don’t go anywhere higher than the B level, it isn’t much a use for him except that it grants him a higher resistance for others who are his class.

He has the ability to use both weapons and magic, but only light magic. He is a Copper Knight, which is a knight who uses both lances and swords

RP HistoryEdit

War of Shadow and LightEdit

The OathEdit



OC belongs to: Heartofpinksol - Moderator of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)

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