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Fire Emblem Class


Signature Fire Emblem Weapon

Killing Edge

Wind Sword

OC HistoryEdit

Vicky was born with fake love from his mother, Meera. He had always thought his mother loved him more than anything but he was wrong his mom had no love for him. Meera poisoned his mind against everyone, which explains why he acts mean to everyone. Vicky's father, Jai, hated him, as he felt that Vicky was an interruption from him gaining more power. Vicky's parents


kicked him out of the house when has 8. He soon figured out that his mother and father hated him and wanted to kill him. After being thrown out of the house he met a man named, Shabd, the two became inseparable friends. But, one day they split up going their own ways. After that, Vi cky met a man named Angad (who was really Dian), whom he assumed was a friend. Angad/Dian was henchmen of Vicky's parents to try to kill Vicky. Vicky escaped from Angad/Dian just in time and lived life on his own from then. Vicky is the step-brother of Ganga Walia, but the siblings aren't known of their relationship. As Vicky's mother had been a magic user, Vicky had learned some fire magic from her as a kid making him being able to wield a sword and use fire magic. Yet, Vicky barely ever uses the magic in combat.


Vicky is fun, flirty, and funny. Yet, Vicky has a selfish, mean, and arrogant side of him which he has gotten from his parent's. However, when it comes to his friends, despite all the insults, he will defend them till their end.

RP HistoryEdit

Elemental WarsEdit

Vicky plays a member of the guild, who strives power. He, is first shown as as a protagonist, who then turns against his friends whom stay on the good side. Vicky, is the first and one of the easiest to be influenced by Antaeus, the Earth Steed, who is planning on attacking Aquriaus, the Water Serpent.

War of BendingEdit

In this roleplay, Vicky is first shown that Vicky has a large ego at a camp for his saftey from the anti-benders.


Rodney McNaughton (c) Zilver_Hawk

Valen Nicanor (c) Zilver_Hawk

Ganga Walia (c)HeartOfPinkSol

Grest (c) RedWorld

Poonam Futura (c) StaffOfMoonlite


Ganga - Step Sister

Meera - Mother

Jai - Father


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