Rodney McNaughton (c) Zilver_Hawk

Vicky Walia (c) HeartOfPinkSol


Support Level CEdit

Rodney: Ehehehe... Looks like it's my lucky day!
Vicky: Woah. Look at those girls!
Rodney: Yeah...wait a minute. What do you think you're doing?
Vicky: Looking at these fascinating girls, I mean look at them...HOTT. Wait! What are you doing?!
Rodney: Looking at you looking at them... Don't you think they're a little old for you?
Vicky: Don't you think they are too pretty for you?
Rodney: Nice comeback, kid. Say it again and you'll wake up robbed cold in the middle of nowhere
Vicky: Oh really? I'd like to see you try.
Rodney: The thing'll never see it coming. You'll just wake up asking yourself, "Why didn't I listen to Mr. Rodney?"
Vicky: HA. Your name is Rodney?! HAHA. Nice name. No girl would fall for a guy with THAT name.
Rodney: For your information, people remember my name and run. Like you should be, kid. I'm sure yours is better?
Vicky: Vicky Walia is not a puss. That is one thing for sure. I don't run from people who think they are big, when they aren't. And, yes. My name is way better than Rodney.
Rodney: *cough* Girls name... *cough* Whatever you say kid. At least I'm old enough to go into the tavern with them.
Vicky: Who says I can't go in a tavern? With my money, I can go anywhere. I hope you know what money is, cause I bet you got NONE!
Rodney: *sigh* I guess you're right. *pats on the shoulder* Well... See ya' later! *runs off* Sucker.
Vicky: Oh yeah. I showed him right! Now...back to those ladies.

End of Support C

Support Level BEdit

Rodney: Wow...that guy was loaded. Ehehehe. He showed me? Yeah right. Can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds out he's broke.
Vicky: Oh god. It is that fake boy. This should be fun.
Rodney: Oh great... Buzz off kid. You're not tall enough to ride this ride.
Vicky: Ha. Nice comback, fake. For your information, I can do whatever I want, wherever I want, and whenever I want. Meaning, you cannot tell me what to do.
Rodney: There's this law of life that I've discovered... The big fish eats the little fish, etcetera. I wouldn't mess with me unless you want to get eaten.
Vicky: Looks like someone hasn't read the fable, The Lion and the Mouse. Who knows I might save your life one day?
Rodney: *laughs* Ow...oh that's a good one. I haven't laughed like that in a while. The day you save my life, is the day I...I take you out for drinks.
Vicky: Okay fine. We'll see about that. Let's call it a deal?
Rodney: Alright, Kid. You've got yourself a deal. But what do I get if I save your life?
Vicky: Money. Name the price.
Rodney: Hm...I'll have to sleep on that. But trust me, I'll come up with a price. You've got yourself a deal. Shake on it.
Vicky: Deal.*shakes hand*
Rodney: I best be off then. Heh... Try not to get into any trouble too soon. I'm busy tonight. *leaves*
Vicky: Yeah we'll see about me getting in trouble or not. *leaves*

End of Support B

Support Level AEdit

Rodney: Huff...huff... Crap. Those guys almost got me that time.
Vicky: *misses an attack* Crap! That was close! These guys are hard! *looks around* Wait a second...Isn't that Rodney?
Rodney: Hey Kid! Get out of here! These guy will run you through!
Vicky: Don't worry about it. I can easily evade their attacks.
Rodney: Well the thing is...I may have made them a little mad... Heh heh... Ah, good times. Yikes! *ducks* I don't know about you, but I'm getting out of here!
Vicky: Ha. Fine! Run! Coward! I'll take care of them.
Rodney: *sigh* Why can't I just leave the kid and run... You've got some real guts Kid!
Vicky: Heh. I know. Why are you still here? Aren't you going to go run away?
Rodney: I would...but then you'll die and I'll have to feel guilty. I don't need that on my chest right now.
Vicky: Ha. Would you feel really guilty or upset because you won't be able to win my money?
Rodney: Eh...both. You really should learn to mind your own business. It'll get you killed on of these days.
Vicky: Yeah. Yeah. I don't need any lectures in the middle of the battlefield.
Rodney: Hey! I'll lecture you when I feel like it. *ducks* this mean I owe you drinks or what?
Vicky: You aren't really saving my life.
Rodney: *mumbles* You don't know the half of it... *louder* Well, if you say so. Heh. Look at those guys run! So long suckers!
Vicky: I know right! Cowards! They are worse than you.
Rodney: *smack* I'm not a coward. I'm smart enough to live another day.
Vicky: Psh. You wish....*a man creeps behind Rodney with a sword* RODNEY! WATCH OUT! *pushes Rodney out of the way*
Rodney: Hey! Watch it Kid! That...hurt-Are you okay?!
Vicky: I think so. Ow. My arm hurts.
*glances at bleeding arm.*
Sorry about pushing you too hard.
Rodney: Come on. *lifts up* I know how to fix that.
Vicky: Really? You do? Ow. It hurts so bad. Oh man. This scar looks bad, I hope it wasn't a poision sword..
Rodney: Naw. If it was poison, you'd be screaming by now. *chuckles* Told ya' to be careful. Here. Let me patch ya' up.
Vicky: Hey. Thanks. You know. You did save my life, I mean my cut would've gotten infected if it weren't for you.
Rodney: Eh, don't mention it. I never did think I'd hear the word 'thanks' out of your mouth.
Vicky: I'm not that bad of a guy. I would've expected to hear a thanks for your mouth.
Rodney: Eh...ah... *flinches* Thanks... Hm. Didn't hurt half as much as I thought it would.
Vicky: See that wasn't so bad. *grins* Oh yeah. You owe me drinks.
Rodney: And you owe me 1000 gold. *smirk*
Vicky: 1000 Gold?! Boy! Why not 3000 Gold?
Rodney: That wasn't worth 3000! You didn't even cry!
Vicky: I never cry. *a memory pops in his head* Yeah. I n-never cry. Not even in your dreams.
Rodney: Riiiiight. Well if you're done, let's get down to the tavern and I'll promise myself that you'll stay out of my dreams. Heh.
Vicky: Okay. Let's go. I'll have your money by tomorrow.
Rodney: You'd better or I'll carry through with my promise from before. *chuckles*
Vicky : Yeah. Don't worry about it. I may have some gold here, it is probably some where in the thousands. I can give you how much I have now, and I'll give you the rest later. *digs into pocket and grabs gold*
Rodney: You're alright kid. I may just have to keep you around.
Vicky: Heh. You know I'm not a kid..right?
Rodney: Sure you aren't. Keep thinking that Kid.
Vicky. I'm 19, man. That is definitely not a kid number.
Rodney: Nineteen? Yeah, you're a man alright. *rolls eyes* You've got a ways to go, unless, of course, that wound kills you first. Hm...I may have been mistaken about it before. *smirks*
Vicky: Hey! If it kills me..I'm soooo blaming you for it! Heh. I said my age. What's yours?
Rodney: about I tell you when I die? That sound good?
Vicky: Nah. That isn't good enough. Aw. Is somebody too old to reveal their age?
Rodney: Old? Me? I'm in my prime! I just like the aura of mystery. You're lucky to know my name.
Vicky: Heh. Everybody should know my name because one day everyone will be screaming it.*grins*
Rodney: You're pretty funny. Part of my can't wait to see you slobbering drunk. Heh.
Vicky: Yeah. I'm sure that is going to happen. May we can have a contest? Who can drink the most drinks?
Rodney: Only if you beat me there! *runs off*
Vicky: I'll win! *runs toward Rodney*

End of Support A

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