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Slightly taller than the average Japanese girl, Yuki Shinhou stands at 174 centimeters. Her head is framed by straight, unadorned black hair stretching down to her torso. Notably, she has complete heterochromia, and her sharp eyes are green on the left and blue on the right, highly unusual for a girl of Japanese descent. Generally dressed in darker colors to accompany her hair, Yuki has an expansive wardrobe that defies attempts to pin down her clothing style, but she is often found with a silken black choker with a silver bell on it, akin to a cat's collar-and-bell, which seems to hold some kind of personal significance to her.


Aloof, detached, intelligent, and ruthless, Yuki Shinhou is a borderline anti-social high school student whose intellect is matched only by her contempt for humans in general. Although well-intentioned and not below an occasional kind act, Yuki is decidedly a pessimistic realist, and is convinced humanity is largely selfish, self-destructive, or foolish in nature, a mentality fostered by the cutthroat corporate politics that she witnesses on a near-daily basis as the heir to the Shinhou Group, a Japanese keiretsu business-industrial conglomerate. She is not necessarily unkind, but her primary outlook in life is to look out for herself and make sure she survives, and shows no real interest in what conflict erupts over forces arcane; she sees her powers mostly as a temporary escape from the ugly mundane reality she has to face everyday. In the past, Yuki underwent medical therapy for anxiety and depression, and has secretly been addicted to alprazolam since; failure to take a dose once every three days results in symptoms including withdrawal, pain, convulsions, hyperanxiety, depression, and hyperattentiveness. She is also homosexual, and is sexually attracted to girls her age and younger; Yuki is not above using her feminine assertiveness and maturity in the seduction of the same sex.

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