Yuria Dracosonian






White Dragon / Archer

Signature Weapon:

White Breath (FE9-10) Silver Bow (FE9-10) Silver Bow (FE6-8)



Yuria is a quiet and sensible girl. Though young (in dragon years) and timid, she can also stand her place.

Stats Edit

Growth Rates

HP: 60% | STR: 40% | MAG: 40% | SKL: 50% | SPD: 60% | LCK: 50% | DEF: 15% | RES: 30%
Yuria Class Sprite

Battle Sprite

Base Stats

Lv. 13 Dragon | HP: 39 | STR: 10 | MAG: 10 | SKL: 11 | SPD: 12 | LCK: 11 | DEF: 8 | RES: 9

Average Final Stats

Lv. 40 Dragon | HP: 55 | STR: 20 | MAG: 20 | SKL: 15 | SPD: 13 | LCK: 25 | DEF: 12 | RES: 17


Yuria has a royal dragon blood in her and is very afraid of that. After two murder attempts on her, Yuria was finally captured. Although she won’t disclose the specific details, one can only assume the torture Yuria underwent. Because of the injections she sustained, her dragon blood became dominant, thus allowing her to shift into a dragon.

RP HistoryEdit


Ronin (c) Amanda2324

Copyright Edit

OC belongs to: StaffOfMoonlite - Admin of Fire Emblem Roleplay (FERP)'

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